Thursday, November 26, 2020
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About Compass Braille

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About Compass Braille - Good News at their fingertips

Evangeline saying what Braille means to her

Compass Braille has been transcribing and producing Braille Bibles in various languages since 1990. Initially Compass Braille worked on the transcription of the Braille Bible in Indian languages. As technology has progressed and our expertise has grown we have been able to achieve so much more than the original goal of completing 11 Indian languages. We now produce in 43 languages and we are working on others at present. Our Braille is despatched to 120 destinations worldwide to various parts of Asia, Africa, Oceania and Europe.



Who orders our Braille: Materials for projects run by indigenous groups are transcribed, produced and despatched by Compass Braille. Orders for Braille come to us from those working among people with visual disabilities, from groups who run overseas projects for the blind and from mission groups that either produce or use Christian reading materials within their overseas programmes. Because our products are computer generated we are able to produce large or small quantities of Braille according to requirements.

Who receives our Braille: Mostly our Braille is despatched to recognised groups and schools where it is used in education, vocational training and self-employment schemes as well as hostels, drop-in and counselling centres and mini-Braille Bible libraries for individual 'house churches'. Some of the groups also use our Braille at summer camps for adults and children with visual disabilities from varying backgrounds where they can share in new experiences along with sighted people.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our Braille and use only the best materials such as metal spiral bindings and, by and large, laminated covers for durability. Our policy is to offer EQUAL ACCESS to people with visual disabilities, wherever possible, and to this end we are always looking for new opportunities.

If your organisation produces Christian literature or operates overseas programmes that use printed materials, perhaps you might like to consider making your materials equally available to people with visual disabilities. We can help you do this - so if you would like to discuss the possibilities, please contact us:- +44 (0)1920 413572 or email via our contact us page.


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