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The Braille Bible & Books in 66 languages...

providing...130 worldwide projects with access to braille bibles & books in various languages...

transcribing and producing... braille bibles and books since 1990...

distribution network... of overseas groups working alongside people with visual disability in churches - village home groups - schools - training centres - libraries...

funded... by partner groups - UK churches - individual supporters - grant bodies...

thousands... of braille bible portions and braille books are sent to our overseas partner groups each year...

capacity... exists to produce even more braille - subject to additional funding...

latest news... see the growing list of languages and new Language Transcription projects; see our most recent updates and a video clip of a village home church with their mini-braille bible library... News page - Videos page 

We produce thousands of Braille Bible portions and books each year in many languages but we can do so much more with additional financial help... Donations page 



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