Sunday, August 14, 2022
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► new transcription... when we transcribe a new language it is often the first time it has ever been available in braille and we always produce the locally used bible version
► new language for Uganda... we have completed the transcription and production of the first ever Acholi braille Bible and this is now available for re-runs
► new transcription for 2022... we plan to undertake more braille transcription projects simply because we want more people to have 'good news at their fingertips' - we passionately believe the braille format must become an integral part of every new bible translation or revision and we have the skills and capacity to achieve this
► in-house transcription program... over the past 32 years we have developed new transcription programs - each one has been an improvement on the last - our latest program is no exception
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Updated: 5th June 2022

Equal Access

Our policy is to offer EQUAL ACCESS to people with visual disabilities.

If you produce or use Christian literature for overseas programmes we can help.

To discuss the possibilities, please contact us:

+44(0)1920 413572

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Visitors Welcome

Visits available

Monday - Wednesday

14.00 - 16.00

by prior arrangement



Braille Production:
We rely heavily on volunteers from local churches who come into the Press to help produce Bibles and Christian Books in Braille.

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Compass Braille has relied on a volunteer force since its inception, without them the work would not have been possible.

If you would like to help please get in touch