Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Braille Bible and other Projects

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New Braille Initiatives...

Along with the braille projects that you can read about in this section, i.e. languages, braille booklets, braille bibles and the micro braille unit, we are also promoting the braille projects listed below...

Braille Bible Portions - Mini-Libraries Project...

We have presented Braille Bibles in the form of a mini-braille Bible libraries to several rural house groups - a short video clip can be seen here. The idea is to provide a small amount of braille,10 volumes or so, usually consisting of the four Gospels, Proverbs and Psalms but they can be made up of other Biblical books to suit the needs of each particular group. The groups usually meet in small family homes and the books fit nicely on a window ledge. 

Braille Bible Requests...

Most of the requests we receive come through the Bible Societies network and we always direct those wanting braille Bible portions to their nearest Bible Society. For those in urgent need who have not received braille before we can sometimes send a few portions to get them started. Please be aware that we cannot always help as we may not have enough funds at the time.  

Join Us

To continue this work and develop more innovative projects we need more supporters and financial backers. The prospects are endless and we want other UK agencies to be part of this exciting and growing work among marginalised people with visual disability worldwide. Please donate now.


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