Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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The History of Compass Braille


Between 1978-1985, 2 of the founders, Tony & Rona Gibb worked in India among people with visual disabilities. Hindi and Tamil Braille New Testaments had been produced but in other Indian languages there were, at the most, only 1 or 2 Gospels and English Braille was not widely known. So in 1990 to address the need for Braille Bibles in Indian languages, Compass Braille wasCompass Braille Entrance established. 

The photograph on the left shows the outside of the Methodist Chapel in Devon where the work of Compass Braille began. However, we are now located in Ware, Hertfordshire - the entrance to our current premises is pictured on the right.

A retired professor, Don Rogers, came on board and wrote a computer program to convert Hindi script into Braille code. This enabled the work to begin but because Bible texts were rarely computerised volunteers were found to type various languages onto computer and others simultaneously proof-read the work.

braille_pressSoon after, Steve Brown joined Compass Braille and he became the first Production Manager. He oversaw the installation of the Braillos (pictured left) and produced the first ever computerised Braille Bible volumes in Hindi for India.

We now have 17 local volunteers who come into the press to help with production.

Please explore the rest of our web site to discover how Compass Braille has developed and what it does today.

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