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Mini-Braille Library Project - Chennai 2011

The two short videos below show how the Braille Bible portions for our Mini-Library project are utilised and how we raised £9,500 for the Compass Braille Special Bible Fund which supports this project.

Compass Braille Bible Mini-Library Project Chennai 2011 from Sam Woodward on Vimeo.

If the translated words of the woman on the above video are unclear, here is the transcript.

I completed my 10th grade in Poonamallee Blind School and from my childhood onward I have liked to read Braille very much. In Braille there are 3 category stages and I can read two category stages and praise God, using this Bible I can be able to learn and read the 3rd category stage also. So praise God for this. Whenever I go to church and wherever they invite me to read the Bible I will take a Compass Braille Bible [portion] and I will make use of that Bible by reading in the church. So it is very much useful in church and it is very much useful in my personal life also.'

Bike for Braille 2012 (v3 Short) from Sam Woodward on Vimeo.