Partnerships - how they work

Category: Braille

Mission groups and Aid Organisations who have overseas programmes that involve the use of the Bible or other publications are very welcome to contact us.  Offering reading materials in Braille as well as text is a great way to work towards the inclusion and integration of people with visual disabilities into society and the church. All reading materials valuable to the sighted are equally valuable to people with visual disability. We are therefore happy to discuss the possibilities, so please feel free to contact us.

Compass Braille's Overseas Partner groups provide a reliable distribution network ensuring that every Braille Bible portion and every Braille Book or Booklet produced by Compass Braille reaches its target audience.

Listed below are some of our present partners:

Bible Societies, Worldwide

Working with the United Bible Societies

Mission to the Blind, Chennai, India

Supporting people with visual disabilities in many parts of India as distributors of Braille and offering educational and employment opportunities, drop in centres, tape ministry, counselling, summer camps and more.

India Fellowship to the Visually Handicapped, Chennai, India

Supporting people with visual disabilities in many parts of India and promoting their integration into church, community and employment sectors.

Bartimai Centre for the Blind, Ahmedabad, India

Giving daily residential care to children with visual disabilities (some also with other disabilities). Offering a holistic ministry of teaching, playing, singing, feeding, exercise/ physiotherapy to meet the individual needs of each and every child.

Discipleship Centre, Delhi, India

Offering a drop in centre, training centre, home visits, Braille library and general community care.