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 Latest Update:  New Language - At present we are working on the Braille transcription of the Welsh language which has been requested for use in Argentina

 The following transcription projects have been started but are on hold for various reasons: Sinhala, Sri Lanka; Malayalam, India; and Mongolian

 Work on our in-house transcription program continues as we add new languages and seek to improve on what we have already achieved.

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New Languages and how they develop

We aim to start working on the Braille transcription of any new language that is requested but funding first needs to be in place.

In order to begin a new language project we need to know what the uptake is likely to be and if the text files and the Braille code for the language in question are obtainable. We also need to have access to one or two fluent Braille proof readers. 

We do not initially seek to transcribe the whole Bible in any new language, sometimes we only transcribe certain books of the Bible depending on the request that has been made.

Updated: 31st January 2020