Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Braille Reader sitting in doorway reading Braille Bible Volume

We transcribe, produce and despatch Braille Bibles to those in overseas situations (not for the UK) who do not have the means to obtain Braille resources for themselves. We produce the Braille Bible, to order, for partner groups and organisations who work among people with visual disabilities, or whose programmes bring them into contact with Braille readers. To date, we have transcribed and produced Braille in 55 or more languages and we are usually in the process of transcribing one or two new languages at any given time. Indigenous groups and organisations that work among people with visual disabilities distribute the Braille so we are confident that it reaches the end users. Some funding comes from the groups who order from us but to help with the shortfall and to meet the needs of others we are grateful when we receive gifts, legacies and grants which enable us to increase our Braille production.

We are always glad to receive enquiries and new orders from organisations that distribute or use Christian literature in their overseas work. We welcome the opportunity of discussing the possibilities with those interested in reaching these marginalised people groups. Please also look at our languages page for more details and then feel free to contact us.  


Did you know:

A complete Braille Bible is made up of 43 volumes or more

Braille is sent Free Post for the Blind in most countries

Around 90% of visually impaired people live in the poorest countries

Worldwide approximately 285 million people are visually impaired: 39 million are blind and 246 have low vision (W.H.O.) 



A Braille Bible volume is pictured above. Each Braille Bible volume is roughly the size of a telephone directory - a complete Bible is pictured on the right.

Our covers, which are now mid-blue, are laminated and double spiral bound so that the pages lay flat for ease of reading.

do this through orders placed by partner groups and outreach organisations who work among people with visual disabilities, or whose work brings them into contact with Braille readers.


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Equal Access

Our policy is to offer EQUAL ACCESS to people with visual disabilities.

If you produce or use Christian literature for overseas programmes we can help.

To discuss the possibilities, please contact us:

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